Among some of our functional fragrances we are glad to present to you the following products:

  • FRESH LEMON 10176/D. A lovely lemon, one of our absolute best to be used in shampoos, creams, feet creams, body shampoos, cosmetics and multipurpose cleansers.
  • CUCUMBER 22001/D. Astonishing speciality to be used in creams, cosmetics, dishwashing liquids, facial tonics, hair groom products, cold wave, etc.
  • HERBAL SEAFRESH 22010/D. Very great creation to be used in shampoos, creams, body shampoos, air fresheners, natural toilet soaps, cosmetics. All the products where the herbal-marine note is desired.
  • CHAMOMILE 22007/D. To be used in shampoos, creams, cosmetics and all the products where a very natural chamomile note is desired.
  • INDIAN BLOSSOM 22005/D. A fantastic fragrance for conditioners, it imparts peace of mind and is extremely long lasting, leaving the hair with a very pleasant smell during 24 hours.
  • RIPE APPLE 22012/D. One of our best apples. It is unbelievably natural and is to be used in all kind of cosmetics, creams, shampoos, cleansers, natural products, candles, etc.
  • GREEN APPLE 22002/D. Our best green apple to be used in shampoos and other natural products as cosmetics, creams, etc. It is one of the top green apple for shampoos.

Fragrances for shampoo

  • ROSE PETALS 10870/D. Can be also used for top quality fabric softener.
  • SUNFLOWER AQUA 22015/D. A very good fragrance for shampoos as well as for hair conditioners.
  • GREEN PLEASURE 22140/D. Again one of our top creations.
  • NO TEARS 22011/D. Very powerful and can be a top seller to big companies.

Fragrances for liquid and powder detergents

  • WASH 22004/D. Fantastic product for liquid detergent. It can also be used in powder.
  • BRIGHT SCENT 10527-3/D. For powder detergent, fantastic smell, performance and substantiality. Its smell remains in the clothing after washing when wet and when dry. One of our best fragrances.
  • BRIGHT WHITE 10530/D. Again fantastic for powder and liquid detergents. Great substantiality.
  • EVERCLEAN 10265/D. The same like the previous one. Great smell and great substantiality.
  • PURITY 22006/D. For powder and liquid detergents, and fabric softener. Again a great creation, one of our best, extremely substantive.
  • ENCHANTING 22090/D. For powder detergent. Very nice smell, classical but creative at the same time.
  • FRESH ALLURE 22008/D. Again for powder detergent, very stable in a very high PH. Great specialty.

Fragrances for liquid detergents and fabric softeners

  • FANCY 22014/D. Fantastic performance in fabric softener.
  • WAFT SUPER 22003/D. One of our nicest creations, very modern and absolutely outstanding.