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Together in beautiful and beloved Livadia I have reopened my old laboratory which in 2012 was visited by a multinational and rated by them as the most beautiful and creative perfumery laboratory in the whole world. When fully reopened I will show here since it is part of our company. I partially reopened and I created to celebrate I am here a fragrance for Marina called MADNESS 88820/D. Since she inspired me a lot, an original girl from Sevastopol that now lives in Kiev, I was terribly creative and I believe I created a treasure mainly based in two captives. There is a revolutionary overdose of Isospirène Firmenich (0.55% of pure!!!!!) blended with Symrise’s new and great and unknown captive Lilybelle (7.8% !!!!!) Lilybelle is extremely interesting because it smells tenderly of Lily of the Valley and it is stronger than Lilial which I avoided in the formula.

There are stronger materials than Lilial like Bourgeonal, Star Fleur, Nymphéal, Mahonial, Mimosal, Florhydral , Hivernal, Hivernal Neo but those are longer lasting than Lilial while Lilybelle has the SAME EVAPORATION than Lilial, lasting the same in the skin and in the smelling strips but imparting a much lovelier and natural lily of the Valley scent. Actually when comparing Lilybelle with Lilial, Lilybelle smells like a tender garden of flowers while Lilial smells nothing but a synthetic chemical…. Therefore Lilybelle is the best replacement for Lilial…. just dream came true!!!!

Going back to my MADNESS 88820/D as said is a revolutionary creation just inspired by Marina and dedicated to Marina… as I told you overdose of Isospirène as almost never did in my life and blended by 7.8% of Lilybelle a totally new accord full of natural freshness and fruityness never seen so far in perfumery since nobody blended Isospirène and Lilybelle in the past! I’ve been the first and overdosing them. Then I used Phenoxanol IFF, Bacdanol, Iso-gamma-Super IFF, Indoflor, some Vanillin, not much (0.65%) and lots of musks, Puralide IFF, Ethylenebrassilate, Habanolide, Dihydro Nirvanolide, Exaltolide, Exaltenone high cis, Hexadecanolide IFF, our complete and charming Musk Extraordinary 40470-3/D some lactones and the also revolutionary Supralactonia base 62802/D ( based on Neopeach Lactone ) and enhancing the difussivenes of the fragrance 50 times; I used around 2% of Florol Neo Firmenich, and Agrumex HC, Cascalone Firmenich ( around 5 times stronger than Calone 1951 and possessing an extremely strong marine note but a very powerful scent of an undescrivable “Floralozone” note unlike Calone 1951 which is only marine and watermelon, then I used. Little of Dihydromyrcenol, not much (0.6%), Ethyl Linalool, Mandarine oil, a Bougeons de Cassis base that even reinforces more the overdosed Isospirene, some Rotundawood 40390-2/D and the unsurpassed Néroli Citronnier 62522/D, and Tangeryl Nitrile that enhances and harmonizes the accord Néroli Citronnier 62522/D with Green Mandarin oil and Citrus-metallic molecules.

Adding too the great lactone Aprifloren Symrise, and our extraordinary base Lychee SR 62818/D that performs wonders with the Cassis and Lily of the Valley odorants, lots of Hedione and Paradisone, some highly diluted Diosphenol, some highly diluted Grapefruit Mercaptan topped by Firmenich Corps Guava also highly diluted, some Nutmeg Super rectified oil, best of best and….many more nuances and secrets. Marina is so pleased that today when wearing it when strolling through the Livadian untouched XIX Century forests just created an aura of beauty and supreme elegance! Another secret? Marina in her generosity allowed me to promote this olfactory new, revolutionary fresh, flowery, Cassis, difussive and I would say intoxicating, wonderful creation but only to the top spray makers in the world. She’ll be pleased! This is a homage to my still yesterday closed private laboratory surrounded by the Black Sea and Royal environment!

Arcadi Boix Camps, Livadia, the south of the Crimea, March 17th., 2018


BRILLITH 62577/D , 62577-2/D

Created for a 20 year old American girl extremely beautiful to my personal liking with a young charm, wild and spiritual that inspired this fragrance at once and I requested her permission to introduce it to a top European sprays maker. I Hope I will win the briefing because the fragrance is sensational and it contains all the flowers like our Tuberose Absolute 10733-3/D and natural Tuberose Absolute from India, Orange Flower Absolute from Tunisia, and our Orange Flowers Absolute 62403/D, our White Gardenia 62445/D, our white Magnolia 88298/D, our fabled Rose of Istanbul 88726/D ( which being a rose creates an extraordinary effect of the most beautiful garden of flowers ) an irrational but extremely wonderful effect. One of the keys of the fragrance is 2% of Florol Neo ( not to be confused with regular Florol ). It contains the wonderful dextro Helvetolide.

The magnificent Firsantol, so effective in small dosages although I used a lot in Marcus Aurelius 88246/D in combination with Polysantol and Nor Santol, then I used a combination of the best two methylionones (Iralia and Cetone alpha) enhanced with our Orriside 40770/D, our Orris Absolute 62844/D and our Orris concrete 86465/D that blend so supremely with Irrophore and with Myrrhone Neo Firmenich…some Magnolan and some Phenirat to enhance our Magnolia flower 88298/D, some Lilybelle Symrise one of the best Lily of the Valley molecules that I have smelled just to sublimize our Lily of the Valley 88219/D, a touching muguet.

I used lots of musks like Puralide IFF, Dihydro nirvanolide, Angelicolide, Ambertonic, Melamusk, Ethylenbrassilate, Ambrettolide Vraie, Exaltone, Exaltolide, Laevo Muscone, Exaltenone high cis, cis Civettone, Habanolide and our dreaming and complete base Musk Extraordinary 40740-3/D our Prunellia base 88337/D, very different from the old 2996/D, some regular Florol but much less than Florol Neo, Mimosal Firmenich, Ambrox Super, enhanced by Super Ambrox, Dehydroambrox andCachalox and… ohhhh I cannot disclose all the fragrance but a good combination of Hedione, Paradisone and Karmasone….( a dreaming wonderful accord that I know ) some Jasmine Flexile Abs. 62266/D Auram, and… topped by Bergamot Reggio crude oil ( I only use this one or if forced, a synthetic one but NEVER the treatred natural Bergamote oils IFRA complying that worth nothing ) the beguiling and unique Neroli Citronnier 62522/D by Auram, enhanced by the undescrivable Tangeryl Nitrile which creates fabled effects and some of our revolutionary and unique Supralactonia 62892/D, whose heart is the unvelievable Neopeach lactone that boosts the difussiveness so much; then Patchouly Indonesian light redistilled plus our Rotundawood 40930-3/D ( better than Akigalawood read in bases ), some Calone, Cascalone, Aldolone and Transluzone Firmenich molecules, traces of Ambrostar, Symroxane, Belambre,Operanide, Ambrocenide and Amber Xtreme….beauty of 100,000 flowes in the garden of Paradise…. in the dreamt land of Shangri La…,will I one day release the fragrance created for the wild Russian Valeria who inspired me so much and one of the most intimate fragrances I ever created? All can happen if she agrees!

Saint Petersburg, Russia, March 12, 2018