Arcadi Boix Camps

Arcadi Boix Camps, born on March 31., 1962 in Manresa, Barcelona, Cataloniawas raised in Los Angeles and Hawaii, graduated with the degrees in Chemistry and Philosophy. He is a perfumer and writer. His travels along with intermittent periods of residence in multiple countries are the sources from which he has derived his knowledge of natural fragrance materials and global flora.

He started his career when very young while feeling a devotion for all type of smells but at the same time trying to find a philosophical root connecting wisdom, astonishment, feelings and admiration with the world of scents and tastes. He started classifying very soon all the ingredients used in perfumery and finding an association between its smell and the sensitive description of them and started publishing his series of articles, first in Spanish and very soon in English. He lectured in perfumery congresses in Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Israel, Japan and the US and published his first book in 2000 and the second, “Perfumery: technique in evolution” in January 2009. He was the pioneer on describing the sensations felt when smelling perfume and flavoring raw materials trying to express the subjective emotions that the smells produced on him. Before these descriptions were only cold and rational while the real need of perfumes is a subjective one. People do not buy perfumes because they “need” to buy but because they “love” to buy them and Arcadi Boix Camps is trying to analyze this reality from early age and trying to use his rational mind to understand and clarify the emotive and subjective “heart” of perfumery.

Arcadi Boix Camps is the owner of Auram, a company he describes as “undergoing deep research, specializing in high technology and top quality perfumes and flavors, fighting for the dignity of this profession and refusing to work in the so-called mass-market perfumery” while being very critical in the false values that frame Western Perfumery into a world of fashion and design. Having been very active in the Middle East and being the personal perfumer of many Royal dignitaries as well as many artists, specifically during his time in Brazil.

He is able to use the most delicate natural and rare ingredients very often made only for his formulae and creations, using many varieties of 100% pure and natural Agarwood oils with the best Rose oils, mostly ex rose Bourboniana and rose Damascena, Jasmines, Grandiflorum, Sambac, Auriculatum and Flexile, the most coveted Saffron volatiles Extract CO2, Musk Absolute ex Tibetan musk powder, Frangipani Absolute, Dephenolized Birch oil, Champaca Absolute, Night Queen Absolute, White and red Lotus extracts and fractions, Mango leaf Absolute, Baies Rose Reunion Extract CO2, Horse gram absolute, Vetiver Fractions, Magnolia, Gardenia, Violet flowers absolute, Lily of the Valley absolute, real Amber Gris Absolute and many other ingredients just forgotten by other perfumers more connected to the Western Perfumery that uses a vast amount of chemicals in its formulae although he has widely praised his love for many of these chemicals like alpha vetivone, Woodol, Sarrioxane, Dihydro alpha vetivone, Paradisone, Dihydrocassyrane, Laevo Muscone, Dehydroambrox, Muscenone dextro (the pure Cis-5-isomer of Muscenone (3-Methyl-cis-5-pentadecen-1-one), Myrrhone, Cyclowood, Patchoulyl, Timberol, Firsantol, Esterly, Firascone,Zestcitrex Neo,Karmaflor, Ambrocenide, Humus Ether, Thesaron, Cosmone, AmberXtreme, Cis-4-Decenal, Ambermax, Octalynol, Limbanol, Ethyl Damascenate, Seveniff, Helvetolide, Hivernal Neo, Biocyclamen, Aprifloren, Firwood,Pashminol,Serenolide, Florol Neo, Guava Coeur, Cis-Beta-santalol, Cis-α-Damascone, Ambroxan, Cosmofruit,Nympheal,Natactone, Ambrettone, Myrrhone Neo,Kajitsu ester,Corps Guava,Azurone, Hedirosa,Moxalone,Spiranol, Operanide, Vertoprenal, Fructate,Madranol, Cryztalfizz, Cascalone,Symmarine,Veridian, Pomarose, Delphol HC, Hindinol,Limbanol dextro,Tonkalactone, Polymeflor, Mimosal,Aldolone, Tangeryl Nitrile, Zinarine, Verdima,Tuberolactone, Bamboo Ketone,Casmirone, Ambral,Karmasone, l-Menthyl methyl ether, Boisanol, Boisanyl methyl ether, Melamusk, Mahonial, Petal Coeur, Rodipol C, Patchoulol, Rosyfolia, Mysoral, Calypsone, Quincester, Evee, Longozal,dextro nor Limbanol,Aquaflora,Dimetylnussol,Narcisseketone, Lilybelle,Transluzone, Ambertonic,Tuberolide HT,Javanol, Ylanganate, Trifone, Mango ester, Corps Guava, Camomille Ester, Petalia, Spirolide, Cassyrane, Acetarolle, Walnut ester, Orriside, Iralia, Ambrostar, Pamplewood, Oxadiene, Tropicol, Symroxane, Ambrox classic containing ambrols, Sinfonide,Super Ambrox, Silkolide, Symrose,Romandolide, Nebulone, Neo Patchouloxide, Spirolide, Rotundawood,Pomarose, Davanate, Neopeach Lactone,Tangerinal, Cis-laevo Rose oxide, Z-11, and many other he describes as jewels of research and creativity.

He is an expert in combining the development of Western Perfumery with the classical oriental ingredients, natural attars, agarwood oils, the best and most refined qualities of Sandalwood from India, Kewra absolute, etc.

Arcadi Boix Camps now splits his time between Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates; Yalta, in the Crimea, Ukraine; Damascus, in Syria, the Principality of Andorra, Kauai, Hawaii and the Sultanate of Oman, where this time is dedicated to research and creative work.

After the publication of his two books where he emphasizes the connection between Chemistry and Philosophy as the keys of perfumery, a profession badly understood in the world, He is now working in his third book to be published in the US by October 2012. He has also published many monographic articles on subjects related to perfumery and flavors.

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AURAM Undergoing deep research, specializing in high technology and top quality perfumes and flavors, fighting for the dignity of this profession and refusing to work in the so-called mass-market perfumery (Official site)